If you go back to the Temple of Time, Sheik will be waiting for you. He tells Link of the unknown legend of the triforce passed down by the shadow folk, aka Sheikahs. He reveals the history of the Triforce and its connection to the Sacred Land (Golden Land) and how it is broken when a person chooses only a certain virtue. (Explains Legend of Zelda (NES) ) And he brings about the connection of the triforce mark. According to Sheik the Triforce separated into three parts and Ganon was only able to acquire the Triforce of Power. Ganon became ruler of Hyrule, but wanted complete mastery over the world. He sought those chosen by destiny to hold the other two Triforce parts. The one who hold the Triforce of Courage is Link. The other who holds the Triforce of Wisdom is the seventh sage, destined to be leader of them all . Sheik (Surprise!) is actually Zelda. Yep, he is a she, and she is Zelda. She is the Seventh Sage. (Go Figure) She had to disguise herself to hide from the King of Evil, Ganondorf. Gannon attacked the castle seven years ago. She says she saw Link as she ran away from the castle. She gives the ocarina to him. She assumes that Ganon could never enter the Sacred Realm, but since Link opened the door of time, the Master Sword sealed him away in the Sacred Realm. During this time the Triforce fell to Ganon and he was able to invade the Sacred Realm. The Sacred Realm became a world of evil. It was all an unfortunate coincidence. She passed herself off as a Sheikah and waited for his return. And now that Link reapeared the dark age ruled by Ganondorf the Evil King would end. The six sages will open the sealed door and lure Ganondorf back into the Sacred Realm. She will then seal the door to the Sacred Realm from their world. (Remember A Link to the Past, this is the imprisioning war, The seven wise men are the seven sages, duh. If you're an avid Zelda Fan you would know this, way back when you first found the first sage.) She hopes to seal him away and have him vanish from Hyrule. She asks Link for protection while she does her part. She gives you a weapon that will penetrate the Evil King's defenses. She gives you the Light Arrow. The temple of Time shake violently. Ganon seals her inside a crystal. (Is this anything new) He says he misjudged the Triforce of Courage. Ganon communicates that when he has the two Triforces he will become ruler of the world. He taunts Link to come to his Castle to rescue Zelda.


After you obtain the Golden Guantlets go outside and lift the big black pillar that you couldn't do anything with before. You will find the Great Fairy of Courage inside. She will increase your strength by double. (All your hearts will be outlined) This is very helpful when fighting Ganon's second form. Getting hit hurts

When Link goes to Ganon's Castle the six sages create a bridge to the castle. I'm not necesarily going to do a room by room walkthrough of this area because I found it rather easy and I don't feel that it will present much of a challege to a gamer whose gotten this far in the game. But I won't leave ya empty handed. In the Fire Room use the Golden Gauntlets to lift the big black pillar on the left wall. There will be some rooms where you will have to kill all the enemies. You will find a room with four torches that you will have to light with the Fire Arrow. Don't forget to shoot the torch above the door. In the room where you have to move the Ice Blocks, put the less obvious one in the hole, and work with the other one. You will come to a room with a switch that is behind bars. I used Biggoron's Sword to hit it, but didn't try anything else, because that worked. When you finally get to the rooms with the energy sphere in it, shoot those with the Light Arrow.


Ganon is actually easier than he looks. Equipment needed: Full (Doubled) Magic Bar, Full Life, a fairy or two (just in case you screw up), a blue potion (again just in case you screw up and run out of magic), the Hover Boots, The master sword, and the light arrow. After the cinema he will punch the ground and cause some of the floor to fall. Immediatly go to the corner of the room. Turn and face him. He will shoot white spheres of energy at you. Use the Master Sword to play tennis with Ganon's Magic and bounce it back at him, he will then return the volley and vice versa, until he or you messes up. Timing is important here. Bad timing, you get zapped. Once he gets zapped, quickly take out the Bow and Shoot him with the Light Arrow. Accuracy is important. You only get about three seconds to hit him when he is stunned. If you successfully hit him with the light arrow quickly run to the pedistal he's on and slash at him when he's down. Then, when he back up retreat to the corner, and repeat the whole process. Since you have the Hover Boots on you will be able to easily get to the ledge even if he's destroyed most of the blocks. The thing of it is, if you stay in the corner, he won't destroy the blocks. Some times he won't throw a white energy sphere but rather an intense bolt of energy. NO YOU CANNOT REFLECT THIS. Just keep running to the other corners while he's doing this, and he'll miss. If you notice, the more damage you do, the more holes will appear in his cape. If you are accurate and persistent you will prevail.

You might want to keep the Hover Boots on after you defeat this form of Ganon, they can prove useful in preventing incidental falls.


I'm not going to spoil the ending, but I will give you advice on defeating Ganon's Second Form (I call him Piggy Ganon, the one we're all familiar with.) Equipment Needed: The Light Arrow, Biggoron's Sword (I don't know if this is interchangable through the first melee, but I always use it.), The Master Sword, Full (Doubled) Magic Bar, (Oh by the way, you can take the hover boots off now). To defeat this form of Ganon, you can either shoot him in the face with the Light Arrow to stun him, then hit the tail, or just walk around the back of him and hit the tail, but be careful while doing this, sometimes he can slash you with his blades. As soon as you are able, be sure to lock on. After he gets really angry, he'll get faster and you'll have to Use the Light Arrow to stun him for awhile. In the worst case scenario, you run out of magic, and arrows. Use deku nuts to stun him very briefly and go for the tail. After you deliver the final blow, it's all over. The secret of the Imprisoning of Ganon and what happened to the Triforce of Power is revealed.