The All New Coventry & Kournikova Site

Welcome fans to the "All New Coventry & Kournikova Appreciation Site".

The sequel to the greatest site ever made only this time it has pictures!

Click on the links below to view the desired part....obvious really!

Hello to Moore, Ad, Higgins, Pete, Luke and Burton!

If you can read this you have bloody good eye sight

Please sign the Guestbook and enter the competition

Remember, I will never bow to sponsorship.......yep!

Click below cretins

The Kournikova Gallery
Many pages of pictures of the Tennis Beauty
The Coventry FC pages
The Coventry pages....doh!
Please leave me a message
Women of Tennis
Pictures of the other Tennis beauties
The Van Roost Gallery
Second only to the great Kournikova
Form Page
Fill it in if you can be bothered
The Victoria Silvstedt Appreciation Site
Pages dedicted to the beauty
Zelda 64 Walkthrough
Guide to the N64 game

If you have Grand Prix 2 you may want to visit my friend Moore's site

Does anybody read these?
Click here to visit the wonder that is Moore's Homepage

people amazed by such supreme quality

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